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You are your own human resource, and the resource to others. There is a need of a standardized and stable way of functioning in order to interact with other humans.

Innovation is core competency in industries today, especially when it comes to the usage of technology for better business practices. 1LOVE is a schooling that you desire.

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Every bursted bubble has a glory! Each abysmal failure makes a point! Every glowing path that goes astray, Shows you how to find a better way. For up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!

How do you sell yourself?

Understanding your identity within a specific field

Gain experience through attaining knowledge

Knowing your worth by valuing your time.

Displaying your skills and competencies


Management is a role not a title. Digital Translation: input/output Read more on Line Managers here


Engagement and Communication

Speak like a Saint …. Always…. Before I go explaining How to engage with a Glocal Society… first a telling off! Making fun of how one speaks is rude. Do not mimic. It is wrong. It is offensive.  It is disrespectful.  You don’t know how long it takes for someone to learn English let alone […]


FORGET YOUR PROBLEMS AND HAVE SOME FUN! The Psychology of optimal experience– By Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi This fascinating book is all about happiness and how to find it. Cziksentmihalyi is an authority on the subject. As he explains, happiness is not something that happens, that money or power can command. Happiness is a condition that must […]

Negotiating in Difficult Situations

Breaking Barriers for Cooperation There are 5 steps to change the game from face-to –face confrontation to side –side problem solving.  The breakthrough strategy is counteractive- it requires you to do the opposite of what you might naturally do in difficult situations.  The essence of the breath through strategy is indirect action. You try to […]


HOW TO FACILITATE CHANGE BY MOVING FORWARD We all need to change if we want to either have a glow up, to achieve goals we set out for ourselves, or be successful in transition. There are many models within Industrial and Organisational Psychology that can facilitate a business to reach the goals they set out […]

Color Insights

The best way to objectify the workforce Color insights fantastic tool that can help you understand your own behavior as well as that of others. Each personality is represented by a color: red, yellow, green and blue Everyone possesses these colors but some colors are more predominate than others to create a harmonious workforce it […]

Facilitating Decision Making

Facilitation is more concerned with how decisions are made rather than what decisions are reached. Make good choices you will hear the soccer mom say! Think before you speak or act. Learning the process to make a decision is more vital than making the right decision. The process of learning what is right or wrong, […]

Management is a role not a title. Digital Translation: input/output

Line managers need well-designed HR practises in people management activities. This is to help motivate and reward employees and deal with performance issues and worker needs. The way a manager behaves towards these practises depend on how the senior management enforce them, especially if they have a good awareness on the organisational climate that supports, […]

The Individual, The Team and The Person: A United Front

Teamwork for Effective Organizations People are highly demotivated when they don’t feel they have share in the Company, not to mention part of a team. This is due to not having a common vision which leaves them uncertain to contribute innovative ideas because they feel that these sort of behaviors are to risky. The working […]

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