The Individual, The Team and The Person: A United Front



Teamwork for Effective Organizations

People are highly demotivated when they don’t feel they have share in the Company, not to mention part of a team. This is due to not having a common vision which leaves them uncertain to contribute innovative ideas because they feel that these sort of behaviors are to risky.


The working team in place in the current situation is managed ineffectively, there is no evidence of cooperative behavior, they are closed minded and feel threatened by anything new, abstract or anything that generally would raise their profile.


Encompassing a common goal and vision helps drive towards completing objectives the organization has set out to complete in order to gain a share in successes and rewards

Why does digital work and not physical

Issue 1 : no common identity

People, i.e The workforce usually have no sense of identity. The use job descriptions help convey skills needed to get hired, but it takes the individual to invest themselves to be the company they want to work for. So don’t act like a one man show, by competing against your team. There is no I in Team. The understanding what your identity within the company is having the same identity as each team member, because you are representing the company as a whole. This may sound contradictory, but this is because you are trying to single yourself Your Individuality, the person outside the office, which is not condoned by the Company. It is appreciated should you use small characteristics to drive you to work but not to decompartlize the department and the team.

Having no sense of identity, leads people to mimic characteristics that they believe the organization wants to see. However, this is not authentic, as nothing gets done and makes the business lose its foundation of operating to achieve a goal of making money.

Groups and organizations  try to serve its members to develop motivation and commitment, but most of the majority of the time employees believe that the rewards and goals provided for are trivial and meaningless, which results in no  effort and or persistence to get the job done, unless it means more money. However this is never guaranteed, because how can you give more money to the people if they are not putting the effort in to gain the profit.

People, ‘employees’ that have little self-esteem in the role they are in suffer from groupthink. Due to the uncertainty of the vision they are wary of contributing new ideas that they believe to be to risky.


Groupthink normally happens within isolated groups who are empowered to make decisions (not necessarily the right ones). Objective and impartial leadership is absent within the group and high levels of stress impinge on the group decisions making process.

The symptoms of Groupthink is closed mindedness, the group is not open to alternative ideas and rationalization. The group goes to great lengths to justify processes and cut decisions made by those who disagree by being ignored and criticized

The antidote for Groupthink is encouraging constructive criticism, being impartial, and ensure the members seek input from people outside the group and consider alternative solutions to a single problem.

The workforce must satisfy a certain criteria of the need to feel appreciated and how they can add value to the organization and most importantly how they are able to receive support in turn, especially feeling effective in doing the right thing. It is not enough to give lip service to your employees to motivate them.

The mission of an organization as a whole is a to envision, unite, empower, explore and reflect. Engaging a direction is the first step to developing team organization.

To know the main objective and the organization’s framework will give guidance to accomplish the goals that are set and give drive to work together to achieve it. It is to vital to understand the importance of vision for the individual and others. If you can’t picture what you are working for, what are you working for?

We have come to a time where many take a salary for granted. No one works for free apparently, until the security of a constant income in the form of a salary disappears. This is the defining moment to see what you will sacrifice to achieve the Vision. A freelancer only knows this too well. Plus you don’t get money up front. You must work on blind faith that your work output will justify the cost of your fee and getting paid. Even then there is no certainly you will get paid for all the work you do. I antagonise top management of organisations to remove salaries, because if they did they will them be visible to who does the work, who is dedicated in their job and who deserves to be part of the organisation.

Attitudes is key to help us define and maintain our sense of self identity and self esteem accordingly. It is important to have a clear sense of who you are and feel positive about knowing it. Job satisfaction will lead to motivation and good work performance.

Group characteristics involve face-to-face interactions and mutual influence. Groups need interdependence and structured relationships in order to work. It is critical that group members feel a sense of membership.  

The workforce needs to believe that they are united by common purpose and objective.

Attitudes can help us make sense of our environment and act effectively within it. People who are dissatisfied with their job are lead to believe that ambiguous events are to end in disaster.

The Ideal Team System

Working as a group can enhance the effectiveness of decision making and problem solving by forming the expertise of each member, which in turn increases resources and ideas.


Shared vision, challenges & goals


Though Common Vision, tasks solutions, philosophy


Motivate for Complementary team role responsibility


Diverse Team, views, behavioral, constructive controversy, alternative positions, values


Combined Ideas resources, relationships points of view and fact based solutions,

The need to feel appreciated and how individuals can add value to the organization should be evaluated. Providing the feeling the workforce is receiving support and feel effective doing the right thing needs to be met. The organisation must provide personal challenges to strengthen their employees attributes and skills to work productively with each other. This is making sure that the team members are ‘friends’. It is vital for team members to learn to communicate openly, support others, and manage their conflicts.

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