This Beautiful Sculpture Shows The Inner Child Trapped ...

Atypical is a neutral way to say that something in your mind is not functioning ‘normally’ or in fact with the ‘norm’. You cannot say someone is not normal, because in the end we are all an individual with our own sense of reality. There is an awareness that is accepted by the masses that we all need to accept in order to be safe within our environment and our surroundings. This frame of mind helps you to be mindful and be mindful towards others and not infiltrate their personal space.

You may hear clinicians say have you tried headspace or mindfulness. But in the end they themselves are sufferers from mental health, just like every being on this planet.

Mental health is just taking care of the health of your mind. The best question to ask yourself is how can you keep your mind healthy, just like your body.

It is much easier to keep your mind healthy than the physicality of the body. It doesn’t need a physical diet like your body does or certain types of physical activity, although it does help you progress to a better state of mind. Doesn’t cost that much either, but does require effort by you. We all have secrets for ourselves that we don’t anyone to tarnish. This is your inner child. No one should tell you how your inner child should be, only YOU know!

Your inner child does get broken, it does get traumatised, sometimes you feel this child will never repair and you just have to accept it. And I say, not necessarily. You should treat your inner child like a secret treasure. Once you do, you’ll find out that it heals, almost instantaneously through time and care. Have you ever noticed how little babies bounce when they fall down, especially when skiing. These little tykes tend to defy gravity. You’re inner child is the same if you let it be.

The way I have been able to overcome many of the adversities I have suffered, was being my own parent to my inner child. Most importantly, how to be the best parent I could be to my inner child. This for me, is self love.

I haven’t personified my inner child, all i know is that it is apart of me. Nor have I given it an image, just a genderless classification of it being my inner child. It is mine and no one can take it away. It is important to understand however, that even when you want someone to change it and replace it with a better one, unfortunately you’re stuck with this kid for life! You are born with it. You only get to see your inner child when you have physically grown through puberty and have become an adult. Those that tend to go and have children, use their inner child as guidance to rear their own offspring (if you have the time too, not everyone get’s this luxury).

You have to take care of your child. Like all children it is a gift to you after ‘survivng’ life and growing up to battle what life throws at you, so it is vital to take care of your SELF. There are no swaps with this little kid, so you can either challenge yourself to raise this inner child to be something you could be proud of, or ignore it and stay miserable with the ‘burden’.

Instead of making friends with your inner child, take care of it like a parent. You do tend to become more atypical should you just be ‘friends’ with the inner child. You loose your sense of responsibility.

This parent that you try to be is considered to be the best version of you, Typically. This is how you find the strength to stay positive. When you become Atypical it means that you are hurt and you don’t know how to take care of yourself, as well as your inner child. Unfortunately this is when you end up disassociating yourself. – Separating you from the self.

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Give yourself your own parents evening with your inner child and see how you can change the state of your mind to something positive and encouraging to take care of the self and your individuality.

The best way I can describe to bring yourself back together, is to give yourself a reality check and ask yourself what is wrong. What hurt you? Who hurt you? Like you would to a crying 7 year old. You wouldn’t shout to a hurt kid, you can feel the pinch in your heart and you frantically want to make the tears stop. You feel that hurt that invokes you to say, aww don’t worry, you’ll be okay, everything will get better, you’ll see!

Being a good parent to your inner child, tends to take care of your mind and their voice. It is good to acknowledge your inner child, so that it can grow up in maturity but not necessarily in age. It should be understood that your inner child always stays in age between preschool to high school, and then fluctuates between the ages, depending on your experiences through life and the knowledge you attain through education.

Keep it PG PEOPLE! parental guidence,

You tend to see the state of your inner child when you engage with children of a similar age. This is a good way to see the reality of the state of your OWN mind. This is when you try and be mindful and try and push to be more positive than negative.

It is important to keep this child innocent and stays before a pubescent age. This way you can enjoy life a bit more when you are in a positive state of mind. However, it is important to remember that this inner child should not be considered as a literal child. Yourself has a mental age of maturity- this is where the term comes into play ‘ACT YOUR AGE’. So don’t presume others should treat you the way you feel your inner child is.

The inner child, like expressed before is YOUR secret treasure. You GUARD IT, literally with the Physicality of your LIFE through the SELF.

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Mini Me and my Inner child I try to protect and have a smile as happy as the one in the picture

Keeping your mind healthy means protecting it as you would to a 5 year old. Kids at this age pretty much know everything, and are still at an age where you can keep your temper and not call them names. Most importantly you would try and protect a treasure of a 5 year old. Developmental Psychology is a good exploration of infants to understand how they develop their self and awareness as well as sense of reality which happens around the age of 3, when little ones learn how to lie, this is why it is called the terrible 3’s.

How to keep your mind healthy? Well that’s personal and should be a question to ask yourself and to share with others for inspiration.

How do you treat your inner child? Don’t try to kill it, it will always exist, nor should you beat it up for not being what you wanted it to be, and certainty do not ignore your inner child.

Should your inner child be broken, see what you could do to cheer it up to love you more, so that in turn you can love Yourself.

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