Management is a role not a title. Digital Translation: input/output

Line managers need well-designed HR practises in people management activities. This is to help motivate and reward employees and deal with performance issues and worker needs.

The way a manager behaves towards these practises depend on how the senior management enforce them, especially if they have a good awareness on the organisational climate that supports, recognises and rears people management behaviours.

Poor policies can be rescued by good management behaviours. Tools need to be available to reward good performance. Small reward systems for daily practises may deem suitable to motivate the workforce but is largely unregulated or utilized. Symbolic rewards are highly valued due to their immediate effects. For example, Thank You. The gestures of Thank Yous go a long way.


Many feel that the Manager does not get the eye from HR. The poor line manager finds themselves invincible to being reprimanded or retrained to have a more humanistic touch to their management of people. Many have seen, especially the assistants of the world, the manager is usually them, not the one with the title of Manager in their signature.

It should be clarified that you are your own human resource, and the resource to others. There is a need of a standardized and stable way of functioning in order to interact with other humans. Within the pandemic and the school house that employee’s call the office, have finally seen that they are their own manager. They no longer have that assistant or department that would be able to take on their workload. Suddenly it has become Me, Myself and I. AI is useful but it is not going to give you the output you want. AI still needs a physical Human Vigaltor. Everyone is busy with their priorities.

There is a need of a Digital Manager – The Big Brother eye vigilator of inboxes to make sure that emails are being sent and that communication and engagement is being dealt with.

Dear People… Please understand the undercover work the IT department does. THEY ALWAYS CHECK EMAIL ACCOUNTS OF EVERY EMPLOYER! So make sure you have a remote desktop, work emails, means work communication. Don’t think your personal banter doesn’t go unnoticed. It is usually Managers that have those bitchy email content, about everyone! Dear Sales… pay attention why the IT department snicker at you.. They’ve seen, They’ve read, and dears… They’ve reported… opps!

Believe me, your work colleagues check on all email accounts of an organization, especially when there is harassment within a team or department. While we are not in school, it becomes a bit awkward to pull up the individuals that generate digital content that is more appropriate for Facebook Messenger than using an email thread from your work email address. Even if it gets deleted. This knowledge comes from experience in working at my first ‘real’ job after my studies at University. It was a start-up, so policies were being written as we went along, especially when it came to HR. To keep by the books and to make sure that team members kept Work and Industry focused within their digital communication, there was a regulator for all accounts. After all your work email address is not your personal email address, your personal opinions, comments are not appreciated by the company. Plus this can land the organization in a lot of hot water. So before lawsuits, a quick sweep is important. It can help intercept things from formulating and creating further damage or disengage the workforce. So dear workforce, do not play this game with a organisation. There are eyes, now it is just trying to find a best way forward so that we all can save grace and look like adults, rather than a gaggle of quacking ducks, using companies time and inbox space to instigate high school bullying behaviour.

Don’t fall for temptation. WORK IS WORK, PLAY IS PLAY. Many companies have come to see that many departments need an actual HR manager to referee the workforce in each department.

Here are some pros and cons of developing HR to line mangers


  • Local management accountability
  • Line management responsible for people’s uses
  • Potential cost savings
  • Increases the speed of decision making
  • Polices /practises suit local conditions
  • Strategic role for central HR
  • Short lines of communication
  • Increased awareness of people management uses throughout the org.


  • lack of time to perform HR duties
  • Increases line manger workload
  • Additional cost in manager training
  • Increase of grievance and tribunals
  • Lack of consistency in decision-making
  • Less consistent communications
  • PM is not considered to be part of the line mangers job.

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