Engagement and Communication

Speak like a Saint …. Always….

Before I go explaining How to engage with a Glocal Society… first a telling off!

Making fun of how one speaks is rude.

Do not mimic. It is wrong. It is offensive. 

It is disrespectful.  You don’t know how long it takes for someone to learn English let alone congregate the appropriate sentences to be understood.

This is why broken English is adopted by natives and then adapted as a learning opportunity to improve someone’s english.

First, try and get your point across, what do you want to be understood by the other person. The important bits. At this stance you can engage with the person in order to have a conversation. Depending on their understanding of English, drop adjectives within a sentence in opening of the conversation. Simple Sentences. Noun and Verbs and certainly do not elevate your voice or slur your voice. They are not stupid and will consider you to be under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. Then introduce adjectives. Always begin with a salutation, brighten someone’s day and end with a Please and Thank you.

It is a level of pride to keep your accent, but there is also another level when you can conquer the British accent correctly. This is taught in elocution.

When I call for example a bank, because they have evolved so many ways, that the world makes fun of the native english folk for not providing the same 5* level of service. My experience, During the week between 9am-5pm you will receive telephone operators of the country you are calling from. For more higher level of security and for quality assurance and to pass clearness the subordinate english must refer back to directors and top management in INDIA. I have always had a positive experience. The Indian Calvary sorted out the world with the big breakdown that happened with banking facilities during the COVID outbreak. They had the infrastructure and framework to digitally respond, as is how they have always worked. I had the pleasure of getting to know what it was like in their office, I asked how this particular individual providing me assistance with banking facilities was like. He told me he got promoted after completing other levels of training in British English. I love it when they give me their name, because I want to honor and respect them by pronouncing their name and not their Tag English name that they have to use for the KONGMONG SCUM that make fun. Because dear KONGMONG, let me tell you that ‘English’ person you demand to speak to has no intelligence or authority to provide you with the banking facilities, that you require to access your accounts. INDIA DOES! England is best suited for marketing purposes only. Those that are business and money minding do not care to sit their with gas and air to tell you about the marketing campaign the bank is doing. At the end of the day a Bank is Bank.

I have so much love for India, they are meticulous, take their time to understand your needs. They are genuine with their assistance, understand they are dealing with a customer, so the least you can do is respect them, especially with the telephone operator assisting you. The amount of times I have had the pleasure of speaking on the phone, with the other on the side of the line not wanting to end the call due to the positive friendly vibes shared.

You will find that out of the hours of 9-5 you will have an telephone operator that comes from India. They are the invigalors of high security. Every time I call I am always transferred to India, which makes me feel relieved because I know I am safe hands. Through my own administrative experience, I know exactly what they will do, so its a shared work ethic that I abide to as well. Check the whole profile first, and while having you on the telephone, verifying and updating your identity data even when you haven’t asked. Which is awesome, as this keeps my data up to date, allowing little room for error. I have found natives of england when picking up call just answer my question, and put the phone down. Which is fine, this is satisfactory but not good. This allows negligence on your side of operational needs, not mine. I hope when I get put through to India they hear my mental comments of ‘Thank god, I am connected to someone who knows what they’re doing, I am at ease, they are going to provide me with peace’

India is special when it comes to the Digital world and when it comes to Computers. They built the BIG DATA world. Which means they KNOW the security that is needed. They created the golden age that many are experiencing today with your digital facilities. SO THOSE THAT DIDN’T GIVE RESPECT BEFORE, I COMMAND YOU TO NOW! PHAROH S***H SAYS SO! THOSE THAT DID GIVE SOME RESPECT GIVE MORE! Why? NWO SAYS SO!

THIS IS A BIG SHOUT OUT TO INDIA AND A GOOD JOB WELL DONE! Because I find myself frustrated and actually angry with UK especially. UK only came into understanding of this Digital World recently. They are still in training phase and do not understand the Glocal Experience one must provide to customers and service providers alike. I had someone from the Benefits Welfare system, exclaim to me ‘I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE’ I did not understand where that came from… She was a Civil Servant…. by job description and role … technically you are hun… plus I PAID MY TAXES! All I was asking, was whether she could check when I would be paid my entitlement, and she responded with ‘I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE’… What has this country spawned out? It scared me. Sorry for asking for you to do you job… I guess… I wasn’t rude… became rude when I told her about her self with a comment… ‘Do you know what a Civil Servant means’?

This did make me think, her comment did come from somewhere… It wasn’t just the KONGMONGS harrassment that was infiltrating workers… but workers became KONGMONGS with their work ethic, they’re pride of working had been lost. They have forgotten what I customer is. While a customer is a person, do not take things personally….

I like my space and working relationship with people that do not have English as their first language. They always ask me when they hear my accent, correct my english, I want to get better, or how can I explain this better, with different vocabulary. I am always happy to help. For me it means you want to be understood just as much as engaging in a friendship of communicating well.

There are two ways of learning English.

The American style – which is easily adopted by all foreigners and why the speak with an American twang. It is also easier to learn spoken. This is where broken English comes from. Broken English envokes confidence to try, and natives need to accept and inject more confidence for non-natives to carry on and adapting, because you’ll get there… Promise 😀

I feel you non-natives with the accent… This is what always stops you in your confidence, don’t worry, We can’t hear it! Actual Humans are listening to your words not your accent. Just talk, and if someone makes your accent a problem… call them a KongMong. Because that was not a focus of interest when you are engaging in conversation. However, Humans are polite, you will always have someone who will overhear and come to your aide and help you.

I have had experience with this. I have been Moroccan Interpreter since I have been able to talk … three years old. I have had to listen to what my Grandmother wanted to say, then try and formulate what she wants to say in English, because I have to delete the swears that most of the time get lost in translation. I have painted my Grandmother to be the sweeties old lady alive… you don;t want to know what she actually says… UN HARAS KAMARRTEK , AH SHAYTANTA, HOMA TAY3ARFOO WALAH, GOLIYLOM MEKAYAN TA HAGEHA, BAKA MAH BEGO EMSHEYO PAHALHOM, SHENO HAD SHI.



You don’t seem to understand the embarrassment, that I start laughing, because I know I can’t threaten you and say exactly what she is saying, but I know what she wants to say for a favorable outcome.

COUNTRY HICK MOROCCAN IS RUDE! Even when I get angry I adopt the moroccan hostility, the words alone scare you enough for you to get the picture to leave me alone. I have had native moroccans quake in fear when I unleash the beast the comes out of my mouth. Usually my moroccan is mixed with classical arabic, egyptian and lebanese, so I sound really sweet. But if someone takes the piss they get my ANTAR HORNS! Moroccan swears feel so much more satisfying than English Curse Words. Watch out for this because Every Member of My Family from my Moroccan Side is the same way. This is our dark side. Some members have gone as far as calling me an AFREETA… The most strongest Jinn Demon of Existence. We don’t back down. If we loose the fight in English, get ready for the counter attack in Moroccan… you will never win, because neither do we. INSULTS ALL ROUND!

This is why a Moroccan never gets insulted with an Insult.. If you get called out you have to accept it Graciously. In fact big disputes with each other does not come from Insulting one another. It comes from REAL LIFE PROBLEMS. You will never hear a Moroccan so quiet when someone has done you wrong, instead you get the death stare, and the proclamation – Remember Allah. Moroccans cannot be infiltrated, even other arab countries don’t understand our colloquial language. It is also hard to explain it, you’re just going to have to fill the vibe of when we are talking. We all shout and are loud. So don’t take offense with this. What we are saying is totally different as to how we are saying it. I am really focusing on the Country Hicks, because the ‘dakaliening’ those that live in the city call us uncivilized loud mouths banshees. This is when we try and learn to speak french to show we can be educated to and speak with patience and virtue.

I was lucky on this front because I speak British English. This gives you a lot of grace because the formality of the way British English is formatted and spoken.

The English style – is adopted by the British.

There is a formal format as to how one should address the other. this type of format is preferred written as well as spoken.

When one conquers the elocution then they are able to provide a formal way of discussion.

The British communication, invented active listening and then adapted to be part of customer service and care in the American Industry. The United Kingdom have the best telecommunicators in the world when it comes to emergency response. It is something of phenomenon, it understands how they are able to listen to the emergency, document steadily, and send out the response needed. In seconds. 5 seconds is too long.

Definition of Engagement

To be ‘being positively present during the performance of work by willingly contributing an intellectual effort and experiencing both positive and emotional and meaningful connections to others.

A Business Model where you are the Boss!

Creating a organization kit for you to be your own boss and leader in reaching the clear set goals in order to achieve the rewards you have set out for yourself and those of your customers.

This model should give you accountability and assurance of a clear set framework like a virtual brief case, which includes a sales kit with information on everything you need to educate yourself and your customers on products and services.

You are your own manager. Management at your workplace is YOUR resource!

The way that people behave can either hinder a successful business or make it fail.

Positively fulfilling work goals relate to your state of mind. These characteristics for instance, vigor, dedication and absorption can contribute to a positive state of well-being.

Engagement on the individual is feeling a sense of purpose and being able to focus their energy towards their operations. It’s a type of behavior that can be seen how individuals display their personal initiative, adaptability, effort, and persistence towards the organizational goal.

People’s level of engagement need to be considered holistically within the context of managerial actions, features of the job and individual preferences.

Positive emotions increase the outcome of reward to do the right thing but also increase potential to do well in the future, this is called broaden and build.

Being supportive and challenging ‘broadens’ the creative potential of the whole team which leads to productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

The amount of cognitive (brain power), emotional and physical resources, that an individual is prepared to devote in performance, the more they get out of the business which is seen through financial rewards and positive well-being. 

The more an organization has to offer towards an individual psychological development will lead to increased engagement.

Poor leadership and management are the main cause of poor engagement.

Individual that creates the belief that they are not being treated fairly at work and not being helped to improve and develop new skills and reach their potential will result in feeling disengaged.

Channels of communication are a perfect driver for constant evolution.

Using the resources that is available today the digital age to improve our humanistic growth and engagement within yourself and others.

Making a clear framework of what are can be used as a strategy for job-related and individual skills and writing down specifically what these behaviors are, will add further clear lines of communication and strengthen channels.

Communication Channels

  • Customer
  • People (internal and external)
  • Personal Growth

There are links between employee engagement and organizational performance that can be affected through behavior and emotions.

Positive emotions lead to motivated work and success.

Theories within positive psychology have seen to create a drive in strengthening links in the chain of engagement for both employee and organization.;

  • Management and Accountability 

There is a relationship between engagement and productivity, as it creates intangible assets and risk reduction, it contributes to creating a strategic model for the organization’s success and converting these assets into shareholder value

  • Administration and Organization


Speaking and Language – this is where you need to understand




Understanding these communication channels within an operating business structure will allow you to have a better understanding on how to implement your engagement strategy, support change and most importantly reach your goals. 

To highlight, issues with poor strategy implementation is due to a poor focus on communication and structure within communication channels.

The key to success in achieving any goal is to be able to identify strategic thinking, innovation, creativity and use it towards help competitive advantage as this is important for success in any kind of job.  Therefore, new competencies are always needed and defined to meet these requirements.

Organizations use people as a resource, and as they drive for success, they tend to forget the humanistic side of this resource. Goals must be focused so that engagement is used by employees and the organization and their interests are served overall. Through past research it is found that high levels of engagement result in high levels of innovation.

An organization supplies developmental opportunities and therefore employees reciprocate by doing a good job. This is called a psychological contract. The belief of two parties, employer and employee having mutual obligation towards each other. If this type of contract is broken, the negative impact creates job dissatisfaction, which in turn effects the commitment of the employee and results in disengagement.

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