Color Insights

The best way to objectify the workforce

Color insights fantastic tool that can help you understand your own behavior as well as that of others. Each personality is represented by a color: red, yellow, green and blue

Everyone possesses these colors but some colors are more predominate than others to create a harmonious workforce it is essential to encourage these differences as a solution and not a blocker. No color is better than the other each one offers unique skills and strengths.

Individuals with blue color insight are grounded to their principles, facts and logic. All possibilities are analyzed before a course of action is decided upon. In order to avoid making any errors, blue individuals like to work in a systematic manner, and therefore are well organized. Due to this, they are incapable of making quick decisions and may appear to be detached or cold since facts and logic trump personal friendships. Blue is mostly an introverted color and has the desire to understand the world around them. Blues prefer written communication to be able to maintain clarity and precision. 

We all need a little blue in our lives, you may find those that are departments of administration and assistant positions are mainly blue. They do not mind not being part of the action just as long as all the facts are straight and correct.

People possessing Red color insight are typically concerned with action. They find it easy to deal with the present situation and have no regard to the past to influence their plan of action. Hence red people become quickly committed to an idea but become less concerned as time passes if it looses its excitement. This behavior can come across as shallow, impractical and unrealistic to others. Although due to the swiftness of engaging action, it can make the person efficient, effective and focused. They know exactly what they want and where they are going. Red people are extroverted and have high energy levels; they show less concern for feelings of others and for personal relationships. 

Red are the egotistical, many reds are found to be in departments such as sales. They are often found to be the ‘bullys’ in the office. This colour type is useful should you want to close a deal and reap rewards. They are inclined to have an external locus of control and feel it is the environment is at fault than them.

People possessing yellow insight are perceived to be imaginative and creative. However, just like red they can become totally absorbed with an idea and discard it as time passes on if it looses its excitement.  Yellow is strongly extroverted, radiant and friendly. They enjoy the company of others and believe that life should be fun. Others perceive yellow as persuasive, democratic and radiating the desire for sociability. This colour insight is more suited to create an image of the big picture of the end goal.

However it is very hard to get a yellow to reign it in and work towards the painting they have pictured, as they feel that it has already been achieved. Use yellows for a mood board, they are very good at this, but do not rely on them to work on the tasks that are necessary to create or acheive the ideas and goals they have set out. It will never work out.

Green color insight encapsulates the concern of feelings and relationships with other people. Individuals who are green tend to avoid decision making that could involve violation of their values. Their concern for other peoples’ values makes them appear to give warmth and comfort when consulting them.  The green insight you can see to be the hippy colour. They for the the people by the people in need of friendship and to be friends with everyone. Those that are denominated by this colour tend to not be noticed that much in the office. They stay under the radar of achieving goals, they do not achieve what is desired by organisations. They lack focus on what is important when it comes to business matters. You can’t please everyone, yet Greens try to. They are best suited to be in counselling positions, the agony of aunt as such.

Colour insights is a type of typology that can be used to classify individuals personality, especially when it comes to placing them in the right place of an organisation.

Business concept of the words Goal, Ideas, Vision and Success written on sticky colored paper over cork board

Typology is important as it attempt to categorize individual attributes and behavioral patterns in order to explain differences between people. This type of analysis will help lead the way to create a competency framework that is important to help justify what you expect out of your working hands in order to achieve organisational goals. This type of analysis allows for a better discrepancy of evaluating your employees. Best way to safe guard yourself and others to not take things so personally.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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