An Engagement with the People

2020 – KPIs do not exist. – To be engaged in your tasks – does not go down to my behaviour of individuality.


The only thing HR is the representation of the company, director, boss, your leader! it is good training for you as individual to have one type of framework and vision to work with. We are all leaders of ourselves but we like to cooperate and be participative, this is another type of people engagement. leadership people engagement does differ from employee engagement but both types do have cross over, and that is the company’s representation, the entity.

Employee engagement is defined in many different ways and has different measures.

1LOVE is focusing on ONE definition which is to be ‘ positively present during the performance of work, by willingly contributing an intellectual effort in so that You experience positive emotional and meaningful connections with the environment and others.

The way that people behave can either hinder a successful business or make it fail. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

and when you fuck up.. say the company did it .. 😀 I AM ONLY HUMAN !! I make mistakes..

The company put me in a position to make such mistake, should i be in another environment, it wouldn’t be my problem…. hence i am learning. it is either a lesson or a blessin’ #preech!

Aspects in employment such as job satisfaction, flexibility in age and job content have been strongly associated with engagement. 

This is how the business measures your worth to them. The use of positive psychology for well-being within the workplace is better suited to meet operational needs.

There are links between employee engagement and organizational performance that can be affected through behavior and emotions. However, these personale reactions are not appreciated by the company. You need to learn how to control your SELF and adopt a SELF that is more appropriate and comprehensive to the organisation. Which in turn safeguards the SELF you have outside the office walls.


Positive emotions lead to motivated work and success. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT, THEY SAY 😉 ADOPT THIS MANTRA, BETTER FOR THE SELF FOR WORK.

Engagement Reviewed 

Something that you NEED to accept, organizations use people as a resource. A physical being is needed to operate the computational systems. It is well understood as these companies as they drive for success, they tend to forget the humanistic side of this resource i.e the Human Being. So it is up to you to remind them of your physicality and not trying to replicate yourself as a computer. Remember you do need to switch off and not stay at standby.

Forgetting yourSELF WILL lead to disengagment, the most common comment ‘ I feel so used’ :-(. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the individual and their competencies but their attitude and feelings of taking this idea of being a resource too personally, which leads you to stop working. You know you’re not getting a pay increase, ‘so why should I bother?’ comes to your mind. I say… what is this attitude? Please do not confuse being a resource to being a slave. Slaves were seen as functional hands not an extension of the mind . CHECK OUT THE MIND EXTENSION.

Afterall a company is just an empty shell with a set framework for you to function the gears. It takes people to fill up the different compartments of intellectual value to establish a certain format in order for the organisation to seem reputable, especially with the knowledge it extends to their customers with the products and services they provide.

Through the Psychological Contract, an organization supplies developmental opportunities for their workforce in the hope that employees reciprocate by doing a good job. Plus you are given money to do it! Your parents didn’t provide you with such a luxury, so respect the salary. The belief of two parties of employer and employee having mutual obligation towards each other. If this type of contract is broken, the negative impact creates job dissatisfaction, which in turn effects the commitment of the employee and results in disengagement. 

Goals are important, and I don’t mean in their terms of increasing profit. This does not motivate the workforce, because no matter how much money the organisation makes, the salary always stays fixed. So what is in it for the workforce if they achieve big bucks for bossman? Focusing on goals for You to evolve. Through past research it is found that high levels of engagement result in high levels of innovation. Remember you shouldn’t be where you are after 5 years, if you haven’t evolved to move on by then, then you need a serious reality check.

Innovation is core competency in industries today, especially when it comes to the usage of technology for better business practices. Allow the computer to do the mundane tasks that seem like a drag and inhibiting you to show yourSELF. While it is something that is less likely to be encouraged by managers to support their team to try new things. DO IT ANYWAY!   CHECKOUT TEAMSHIP

There is also increasing evidence that employee’s skills are being under-utilized especially in the digital age of technology. AI and the ‘cloud’ has taken over our JOBS! THAT GOD DAMNED COMPUTER! This is a significant source of disengagement. I direct my attention to the LAZIES… While we do need you to do the administration skills, please let go of the attitude that the computer does a better job. Clerical duties have never made you feel worthwhile but no one appreciates a canned reply.

Many surveys have shown that employees owned higher skills than what their job required them to do. Another challenge that drives disengagement is the freedom of decision-making.  However, Dear Workforce you brought this on yourself. You became lazy to answer frontend and backend questions, resulting the implementation of AI services. Being too busy to engage with the simplest tasks within the organisation will result in you getting replaced with more effective solutions in order to provide a service.

Disengaged employees report of high levels of stress from work. AFFECTs their personal life by having a negative effect on their health and well-being. 

Team Leaders tend to not be aware of employee engagement due to their supremacy attitude. According to CIPD surveys 75% Leaders had no engagement plan and while 90% of Leaders agreed that engagement impacts on business success they are blinded to just focus on the companies needs and not of their team members. A Team Leader is meant to see the product of the output from short term goals, while having a clear understanding of the long term goals. The excuse of the high management doesn’t know what they’re doing is really just down to the Team Leader not being heard or their strategies being accepted. Don’t forget the managerial supremacy attitude? If only the Team Members got to see how their leaders get treated in the Boardroom. You will then get to understand why they take it out on their team after being put down a peg or two by HIGHER MANAGEMENT.

There is a relationship between engagement and productivity as it creates intangible assets and risk reduction, This in turn contributes in creating strategic models for the organization’s success and converting these assets into a shareholder value. Failing organizations do not critically assess these intangible assets, therefore making it easy for them to overlook employee engagement. What can’t be seen leads to more ignorance.

A managers approaches and behavior are HUGE factors in disengagement. If an Individual creates the perception that they are not being treated fairly at work, or not being helped to improve and develop new skills to reach their potential will result in feeling disengagement. A managers obsession with targets often affect the managers behavior and distracts their ability to interact effectively with their staff .

Definitions of Engagement 

Engagement becomes a type of behavior that can be seen by the way the individual displays their personal initiative, adaptability, effort and persistence towards the organizational goal. 

There are two faces of engagement, psychic energy, and behavioral energy. Psychic energy refers to an individual being ‘absorbed ’ in their work. Being cognitively engaged to the operations of a job gives a higher significance to experience of key positive emotions rather than negative ones.

Behavioral energy is associated with achieving results; individuals that are physically engaged are 10 times more likely to feel positive emotions. It has been established that employees who are more engaged at work is due to the organizational providing psychological safety and offering them psychological meaningfulness. i.e YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

Csikszenthmihali, a founding father of Positive Psychology believes an employee must experience ‘flow’ to be fully engaged.  Flow consists for nine steps. The first step is setting clear goals at each milestone. Flow always knows what needs to be done especially when a job is enjoyable. CHECK OUT FLOW

The belief of positive emotions is important in relation to many key performance indicators. The way organizations can promote positive emotions at work is by identifying good practices within the organization and build on its culture that already exists and most importantly appreciate its employees.

Team leaders should create an atmosphere that builds and supports the workforce. Line managers should support their staff by identifying their own personal strengths and seek to enhance their opportunities they may have at work.

It’s not all about taking your JOB ROLE.

So Dear Line Managers, Stop being so paranoid when one of your team members displays potential to succeed you. This behaviour has stopped productivity.. we are meant to expand and be team members.. more people…. we must feel valued as individuals.


Team Member – What does this mean? A team member has a team leader, within a department, The Organisation is BIG and if their isn’t a position, one will be created for you, NO STEPPING ON EACH OTHER’S TOES!, Lots of hands are needed. 🙂

Your WORK SELF needs to be manipulated by YourSELF. Two different Head Spaces. The best way is adopting Positive Psychology strategies in order to stay engaged with the job at hand.

To operate effectively an organization must ensure it’s goals and values are compatible with the external and internal environment.


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