I have used this blog as my personal space and outlet. I have generated work with just being honest and open with myself as well with others. I would like to create an awareness of some sorts, how can social services can take on social corporate responsibility. I have varying interests but property has been my life.

Being an independent project manager, allows for many interesting projects when it comes to residential and commercial property and sustainable living. If you are not selling the property, or trading in material, resources, networking you are fixing it.

There are many of us. You don’t want to become an estate agent or work for an agency, too much bureaucracy. This leads to efficient time management and poor delivery on results and action. I have strong emotions with estate agents and I have left many literally pissing their pants. I champion on getting full deposits back and increase the value of the property during vacat and moving in.

Project Management in the world of brokering property for me has many emotional and social attachments but they are understood as they are part of a larger social crisis many are facing today. It has left me homeless until recently. My personal story is devastating where I have been left only but to freelance.

My last residential project was a successful one. I proved a construction maid can exist, a job title of my own making. Created a cement recipe that has made me realise why contractors keep the mix a secret; it’s never 2 bags of sand to 1 bag cement and balice like I was first told. You really need to assess how the mixture is going to hold with the materials you are introducing it too. I am so proud that my first mix was used to render the walls in the bathroom as well as the garden. Contractors are sexist but if you can prove your work they give you the ultimate respect when it comes to the construction industry.

In a 2 week period I managed to landscape a 48ft by 22ft garden space alone, built a platform and cemented a concrete slab foundation for a new seating area, while facilitating and coordinating a wet room and shower install inside the property. I outsourced contractors through my own network generation. We were a team of 4. Made them a profit and even managed to get them work with bigger contracting agencies after showcasing the end result to the owner, through personal contact.

Not much care goes into the bathroom or kitchen, especially when energy efficiency is concerned. More weight is put onto aesthetics, functionality is just a by product of the installment. You think it costs a lot to do home improvements but you are looking at the retail costing. If you want a grafter and invest in the labour you in fact save money.

The wet room install was a big job. It had mould and damp issues that needed to be addressed as the foundation of the property is sinking and deteriorating the hold of the building. Before any installations could happen, the walls had to be rendered and pipes changed. But we managed and completed the project above expectation. What we all kept on commenting on was how difficult at first it was to down scale work from larger projects from we were used to, to smaller jobs that were bigger than DIY.

We had just recently finished at job at the Amazon Factory/Office/Warehouse and downscaling to residential requires attention and effort in order to complete the job that relates to the format and structure you are dealing with, even if it is the same resource and materials you end up using.

Landscaping is different to gardening. I am a naturalist wanting to work with the environment. Its cheaper, sustainable and environmentally friendly. I only work on a budget, and see what can be done by only paying for the labour cost. I saved a tree from being cut down with this garden, and solved the future issues that may arise from its roots by encasing it in concrete.

I found this work to be so soothing. I enjoy using my hands. Most of the time homes and spaces need a construction maid clean up.

All the trees are happy now and the rose bushes do not feel so suffocated. You need to be careful when planting trees and flowering bushes, there has to be a self sustaining ecosystem and plenty of drainage.

When one hears property management you tend to focus on the living quality of the home. In reality that is the last thing you attend too. It is something to keep in mind when constructing but not the full focus.

Due to working on recent projects on energy efficiency, home improvements for sustainable and green living. I have developed an interest to see how utility poverty is being tackled and what can be done. In the UK there has been a major switch with power supply. I have had to travel through time, to the past, present and back to the future with how sustainable living can be achieved. It is quite a lot to take in but it is for the greater good and movement that every civilized individual that utilizes utility and living in a home must move towards, should they want to function. In the UK it is no longer a choice with the type of power supply you are given, so it should not be a choice whether to upgrade the home.

COVID has made me enthusiastic for the property market due to a push of implementation of upgrades for the home and improve the wellbeing of others. More needs to be done to improve the quality of life for London. We are over crowded. I find it odd that local authority still use out of date laws, it just goes to show they are ill equipped to take on the necessary actions to support those in need.

After writing my last blog, I had been open enough to discuss how I was managing my homelessness. Up until recently I have been given a temporary accomodation by the local authority after couch surfing for the past 6 years. It has caused me some anxiety with where I have been placed but it is not something I am not used to. Having lived in a tower block from most of my infant life I am aware more precautions are taken into consideration. But it is hard to receive what you need by local authority to truly feel safe in the accommodations they provide you.

I am situated by the Grenfell memorial. A tragedy that hit london in 2017. It affected me deeply, after having acquaintances living in that building and having to see it burn down, feeling so helpless. It was contributing factor to quit my job as an office manager in London. I visited the place where the local community produced a beautiful mosaic that I only hope and wish with the new plans of refurbishment they will incorporate this mosaic to the revitalized area. This tragedy affected central London greatly. It is sad, and it is hard to find a Londoner that doesn’t get devastated on recalling the event. It is comparable to the second fire of london. We are still suffering the consequences even in 2021 especially within the property world.

This accomodation that I am residing is not up to code or energy efficient. It has the potential too and is on the way of becoming a safe habitable space with the newly installed energy efficient windows. It is however the perfect example on small scale what tennants suffer from when being provided accommodation by local authority. It is a building owned by the government, a privately owned accommodation that is sublet to the local authority. If that sentence confused you, then you can imagine their management of tenants and property assets. My well being is not being taken into consideration. I moved in with a moldy fridge, that wasn’t replaced. Had my front door taken down due to not being provided with all the keys i need. The apartment is run by electricity alone. I am supplied with Green Energy. The cost is more due to the downgrade of the infrastructure of the building. But imagine this situation many times in a tower block. This type of property mismanagement has affected people in england in a huge way. So much so that the tragedy of Grenfell cannot go ignored no matter how much the local authority tries to sweep their negligence under the rug.

Grenfell Memorial Mosaic 2021

England builds property to last. There is an insider joke with American building frames made out of timber, they are not as disaster proofed as Bricks and Mortar. A house made out of brick appreciates in value through the material alone. 1970’s builds are known to be death traps in the 21st Century. This is due to the mix of many materials in the home. Grenfell Tower was completed in 1974, it was accommodating at the time to subsidize social welfare living. There was a industrial revolution during the 70s to improve quality of life in the home by upgrading the property at the time to a luxury standard. However, due to the mix of materials, the infrastructure did not prove to be fire safe and needed disaster proofing. Health and Safety measures were not as they are today either. This was the era of new synthetic materials that was extremely flammable. If you have seen nylon or polyester burn then you know what I am talking about. The properties built in this time are strong builds, made out of steel. Hard to tear down but if they need to be taken down they have profitability in recyclable material. With the way energy is being supplied and distributed the whole infrastructure must upgraded. Which may cost more than just having to demolish and rebuild.

It is sad seeing these strong structures being torn down, in the recent past the facade of these buildings were addressed as they were ugly, however the siding (US) cladding (UK) was not suited for the buildings structure. Energy Efficiency does require the occupant to spend and sometimes go out of pocket in order to subsidize their life. Green Incentives are only kind to property owners, not so much to the tenants renting from them. For the tenant renting there are so many blockers and restrictions as what they can do to improve their quality of life inside the dwelling.

The inquiry of Grenfell Tower mentions all the annoyances I have personally with how property is being managed by local authority and private bodies that manage tenancy and the estate.

In this quarter of the year it is being discussed the role of the council with housing tenancy. I will contribute my story and how I have been treated by the Local Authority in a drop in session. Their behaviour has not changed since the incident. For such an inquiry you would expect the civil servants to be more attentive.

Donations and contributions have been made to revive and transform the neighbourhood and community, but it is hard to voice the right implementation to commeriate what happened and stopping it from happening again.  I do not feel so alone with how I have been treated by the local authority when it has come to well-being and having somewhere to live.

The local authority requires order, but does not follow the protocol. They started becoming sloppy in their management with council property became privatized.

All councils of england are prejudice to social classes. It should not be the way.


The property market gets complicated when you include local authority in private matters of accomodation. Getting local authority in real estate was suppose to problem solve, in the end it has created a problem bigger than what it was trying to solve.

It is not always about the room, building, property or piece of land you are selling/buying or managing. There is so much to take into consideration.

A good broker, should know the building inside and out down to the pipes and wires. You want to be a jack of all trades through knowledge but be efficient in your energy by coordinating the jobs to the professionals. This is a big warning to those that feel they can just embark on a contractor vocation and do a shoddy job for myself and my team for instance to assess and rectify.

There has been a huge influx of DIY trade jobs recently but what makes us better than the rest is taking into consideration Health and Safety first and your Well being. How can our work can positively impact your life and living needs.

There is a huge difference to giving what the customer wants and what they need. Unfortunately a contractor does not have the time to explain exactly what they are doing and why. It annoys them if you ask them to do a commentary. They receive a run down and just get on with the job, just provide them with a strong sugary tea to keep them happy and working hard. A good contractor provides you with a consultant such as myself. If my hands are not included on the job, I will provide services in mediation and coordination, as well as administration. Will give time to give a walk through as well as updates. Being knowledgeable about materials and methods helps decipher your current and future needs.

I can spot a cowboy a mile off, and will be heard and make you walk off site, take over your work as well as your customers. For big hiccups you would be reported in the industry and depending on your behaviour, as well as how you go about resolving the issue you might be taken off the construction blacklist.

I have a craft for the graft. Which speaks volumes. Recruiting hands to build is not the same as recruiting one to do paperwork or sit at a desk and computer. In the building industry there is a different type of comradery. Big estate agent names mean nothing, just big agency fees.

I do project management for the only way I can describe it for the misfit world. There are many disconnects in the property industry that most are not familiar with or aware of.  Tenants and some property owners on a small scale do not understand the building as one operating unit. If you can speak builder language and get on with them, then you are loved and found to be precious asset in the industry. I just don’t join in on t afterwork pints.

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