Literal 1st World Problems

 money + life sustainment

In my previous post, I opened up about my current Life situation
I want you to read and hopefully become enlightened with the current state of affairs with today’s society.

Read Here New Age Poor

There is a lot of poor out there. More than you know, I am just honest about it. Apologies for bringing up any of your anxieties and worries, especially with COVID.
It has been tough and many are suffering in ways that is hard to express.  
But one must wake up. So we can work on making this world a better place. 
You can do without an ‘instagram worthy’ bedroom. I wonder how many of you lost a lot of likes being stuck in your actual homes during lock down, or how many of you new influencers lost your ‘job’. 
My Poor Crew did not suffer the anxiety stress that you may have suffered, We are not living on the ‘cloud’. on the ground eating dirt and shoveling it too. 
In the first world, there are certain amenities one needs. These are not desires. 
Desires are connected to an individual’s dreams and aspirations and what fuels their motivation to reach milestones in life and pinnacles of their evolution.
Your desires are personal and unique. They should not be projected onto others or be forced to considered desires as necessities for life-sustainment. You are not going to die because you have no data left. – unfortunately this became a reality. you can die without data, dear NHS, stop being cyberborgs. 
‘If you can’t get a takeaway go to the shop and grab yourself some raman!’ said one on the cloud….. 

FUN FACT! How to make Raman fancy? Add some frozen veggies to it and crack an egg and pop it into the microwave.

When everyone got to know what Furlough Meant
Entitlement and benefits are sums of money provided by governing authority for life-sustainment, however, they require you to budget. NOT TO LIVE IT LARGE! Living on a budget does not mean you must sacrifice key elements that are needed for a humans survival. Shelter, Nourishing foods, Saftey, Cooking facilities, Hygiene facilities. 
With this lump of money in the form of benefits, there are things you need to pay first that does not concern your digital lifestyle. Like – RENT – UTILITY – FOOD, IN THE FORM OF GROCERIES. 



During COVID, a lot happened. What were your bills. What was actually left to pay in terms of subscriptions if most of your ‘life’ was put on Lockdown? I found it quite odd that many physical subscriptions started to incur a monthly fee, all of a sudden went ‘Digital’ to justify the cost.


For those that are not poor, and do not have to be conscious of the amount they have in their bank accounts, tend to use the facility of direct debits. This is to remove the ‘stress triggers’ bills invoke. It is important to know one should utilize direct debit for utilities and taxes as to create a relationship with the bank and create credit (yes I was one of those that got excited with some of you putting your fico score on tinder 😛) and suitability for future loans. makes one look responsible.


It is money you have asked for to pay for certain amenities and have to give back over a specific time period, as it never belonged to you.  
An overdraft – a debt you will never get out of. Try not to get one. The UK did a statistic and found a huge sum of the population LIVE in their overdraft. SCARY TIMES, TO ALWAYS TO BE IN THE NEGATIVE.


read here – for a success story of reading terms and conditions, honaring a contract and still getting done in. octopus is the leading national energy provider for the united kingdom, that supplies their energy to the nation from the EU. utilizing the channel tunnel. this is why HS2 is a problem, think about how much ‘electricity’ would be needed for a high speed train?. dear Gregg Jackson, you have no clue.  a clue is a screw, and screw could be a clue. a french proverb – self created : clu is french for screw.
I feel the day we started getting personal mobile number was the day the devil appeared on earth with a way to get people to sell their souls to telecommunication companies.  It is wrong that in our day and age, people ask for a fee to have a contract to be written up, let alone pay to break the clause. When there is no possible way to continue with the service, or product, or both, You are still charged through gatekeeping of 3rd and 4th parties that act on behalf of baliffs. As the administrator is already being paid a salary do to this clerical work, 2020,  this job was replaced by an AI BOT. SO BLAME THE INDIVIDUAL THAT HAS TO KEEP AN EYE ON AI BOT. A TRUE HUMAN ERROR.   IF IT IS AI BOT FAULT – IT IS YOUR FAULT. THE ONE OPERATING THE BOT. 


Utility is a certain life sustainment. You need utilities. I urge people to stop funding Nuclear by going ‘green’.  Even if you prefer using ‘greener’ methods, you are still using utility facilities to fuel your home. It was an even sadder time when the environmentalist hooligans started dictating how fuel should be generated. You’re not enjoying the high utility cost from wind, solar and hydro are you? The energy generated isn’t as powerful as what you are used to.
This is pushing for greener options such as Nuclear. I say let’s go back to Oil and Natural Gas, NATURAL is best. Present in all continents, land mass of the globe. it is time to provide equal share of energy.  
Living off the grid is hard, and not many succeed. I have no doubt that they end up tapping into electrical wires and steal the energy. To be kind to the planet, you must pay the price of the cost it takes to provide you with energy, or learn how to deal with the Natural Elements of the Earth, which again not many know how to do OR want to do.

Our 1st world problems of today that affects every individual on this planet is DEBT – UTILITY – CONTRACTS- THE DIGITAL SPACE. Once you remove these Stressors, does one still have enough to life-sustain?  A question to think about.


Self-entitlement is another term to call someone who is acting like a brat. Many do. I am sure many parents of little children under the age of 21 were happy to see their spawn leave the house after Lockdown got lifted over COVID. Everyone has a selfish perception on what it is to feel fulfilled, but the demanding behavior of today’s world is unsustainable. There is no togetherness anymore. It is even more funny with the promotion of ‘mindfulness’ and positivism. In order for that to be achieved you must share and be kind to one another. WE ALL HAVE IT HARD.
Social media has diseased you. Did you forget how much you hated commercials adverts. So why are you living your life like one. This is why I say get off that cloud. When the internet is turned off, what do you have around you? What will happen to your life? We all live in a very isolated way, yet mankind are social creatures. Physical not digital. 
Only those that had no electronic cards to pay for things to live or/and a house to shelter themselves from the outside elements are the ones to really feel affected by the COVID pandemic. I suffered dearly; I did find assistance but it’s measurable to the spoiled brats.
Those without homes or shelter, were provided a room such as a hotel. But this is a luxury and not a life sustainment. You do not know how difficult it is to live in a hotel like it’s a home, when you are homeless.The annoyance with luxury items you need add ons. You only ever get to appreciate this when staying in a hotel room.
What does a hotel provide you? An upgrade of your room or home for guests in a foreign land. What do you need to pay for? Just a room. What does a room have? A bed, TV, a private bathroom, which includes a shower, toilet, and sink. A small little fridge if you are luckyI Understand hotels did not want to help the homeless out because they smell, they’re loud. PLUS, I CAN TELL YOU THE POLICE WERE ROUND EVERY DAY! THIS IS VICTORIA – ACTUALLY NORMAL FOR THE AREA. IT IS THE HOMELESS HUB OF LONDON.  THE TRAMPS. THEY GET ESCORTED BACK TO THEIR CHAMBERS, And a telling off for begging or show them better corners to get the right assistance without contacting the council. 
They don’t know how to function inside a property. You need some humanistic understanding with how bad it is for those that have forgotten how.
My Post for How to help homeless Sam is important. It is also good general knowledge for anyone on how to function and organize themselves in a house made into a home by on a  budget, and who wants to live on a basic standard.
what is the basic standard of today?
When you stay on the streets too long you forget home. I still find myself having to readjust sometimes by staying indoors. Luckily for me I was a homemaker, so I know how to snap back into gear, it’s like riding a bike, but I prefer when the weather permits to be outdoors for as long as I can.  It is something you get used to.
The United States upgraded the basics of what is meant to be provided in a hotel.
Mini-Apartments, with a kitchenette, free amenities, low cost washing of clothes with a dryer. Bigger bottles of cosmetics. The american attitude is cool, if everyone needs to have the same, its gotta be big. Bigger is Better.
The USA knows the life of the ‘Salesman’ which is many. They live on the road. So, this country adapted to remote/nomad living. The UK hasn’t. People manage to live in their cars in the United States.  It is rougher out there than it may be in the UK. 
It looked like to was bad due to the influx of migrants we were getting but due to Brexit this has stopped. A new order of distribution should have happened to house the poor and needy, but due to the governmental party of privatizing social housing, has caused more stress on individuals that will never get housed. There are many catch-22 in our time. I feel it is time for everyone to take a step back and look at the picture of reality we are in now. NOT where we want to be, or what it should look like, BUT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE NOW.



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