The pandemic of COVID has changed the way people behave. It evoked a fear within individuals which in turn made them question their environment and how they interact with it.

New strategies of reconditioning have been established, to subside fears of contamination of the COVID. It should be self understood that these strategies were things that every individual should have known to do to stay healthy and safe. Hygiene is not limited to the rich, it is for everyone, manners too. REMEMBER 2 METERS PEOPLE! Look how big this world is, give each other space, no need to rub shoulders with individuals.

Regardless whether you believe in this virus you should be believe in the counter measures that are meant for the safety of humanity. Please be kind to one another.


To stay healthy and to keep our spirit strong. While many do not have the facilities of a bath or a shower, please try and stay clean, there is always a sink. It is not to be accepted from others it is for yourself to stay strong. YES KONGMONGS, While we live in 2021, there are people in the developed world with only a sink to wash in. Some tips, rinse out the basen before and after you use it to clean yourself. If you need a rag, rinse it before and after. Try and air dry it somewhere and then hide it safely. Same goes for your mask.

Remember people just because COVID is out there, doesn’t mean the Flu or Colds stopped existing. Many still didn’t know how to keep cleaning to sustain from catching these viral infections, but it is the same what authorities have suggested with COVID. WASH YOUR HANDS, DRY THEM PROPERLY.

Felines, for example when introduced to a new home, the first few weeks of settling in they get sick with a cold or a urine infection. They are not used to the bacteria of the house that is foreign to them. Once the cat becomes adjusted then the illness goes away. This is the same for Humans. Why do you think you clean the house for guests visiting? Or you should anyway.. I always had two types of cleaning, home tidy and guest clean. Please stop being lazy people.

You need to understand how to clean yourself, cover up and stay insulated. I am on the streets. I have had to mix with different households and people all through out COVID. I have visited hospitals more than I care for all through this pandemic, I have in fact tested NEGATIVE for COVID. So as for me I will NOT be getting the VACCINE. I do not need to introduce the COVID strain in my body if I was at high risk throughout this whole time of contracting the virus with no facilities to shield or stay in doors for a ‘lockdown’. I kept myself warm, especially suffering from endometriosis. Boots up to my ankles, Hat, Gloves, Scarf, Insulated Coat covering my bum! With the state of Fashion I could care less if I was in trend.



What kept me clean and my mind strong especially due to suffering from mental health that stems more from domestic violence and assault than a ‘mental disorder’ was to keep clean and organized. I say I have Islam to thank. I am a muslim. The prophet Muhammad PBUH, told us that the Quran is the only book we need to sustain human life and stay pure of heart and strong in mind and body. My spirituality has been part of my survival, I do not want to influence others, I am just sharing with what keeps me going. I don’t keep Halal, but I am a muslim nonetheless. There are levels. There is one thing that I do when I suffer from an anxiety attack and need grounding, WADTHOR . The cleansing practise one does before they go to pray. If I really need a time out, I go and find a private place to pray. Never in public.

Islamic Prayer is soothing and revitalizing for the self. Separating the Islamic Prayer from the religion for you to have a neutral understanding of this practise. You must stay mindful, this is submission. You are no longer important. The sequence is comparable to buddhist meditation and yoga. It helps circulation of the body with the sequence you must perform. Mediation is difficult to achieve first off. It is hard to get your mind in a state of nothingness. Islamic Prayer gets you to recite invocations that are connected to the heart, to help purify and cleanse. It is a peaceful routine. Sometimes you find yourself crying once you are done, eyes filled with tears, a it’s a beautiful feeling. It feels a big weight has been lifted from you.

This cleansing ritual, Wadthor I adopted during COVID religiously, even if I did not follow through in pray, due to environmental circumstance. I refuse to pray anywhere until I feel I have a safe space to do so.Plus places of worship are closed, and I am homeless. Sorry not Sorry to those religious nuts xoxo. Going back to WADTHOR. This cleansing ritual is sustainable and environmentally friendly, very conservative to water and washing.

You clean all the parts of the body and face that are key areas that are susceptible of getting yourself ill. Doing this 5 times a day can insure that these areas of the body are clear of bacterial infection. I feel refreshed every time I wash WATHDOR style even in my mind. I really recommend this practise.


With water, it doesn’t have to be warm, cold is better, keeps your pores closed, washing off exactly what is on the skin barrier layer of skin.

  1. HANDS
    1. Wash them 3 times, rub your hands together, massage them, get in between fingers, and nails.
  2. FACE
    1. Wash your mouth by rinsing with water three times, the inside your nose three time, then your whole face, eyes included.
    1. With both hand run your fingers through your hair starting from your forehead, wipe behind your ears and around the opening of the ear, be careful not to poke your ear or putting too much water in their. (FUN FACT – A DROP OF OLIVE OIL HELPS EARACHES, USE A QTIP)
  4. ARMS
    1. Back to your hands, wash up to your elbows each arm, 3 times, just like a surgon does.
  5. Feet
    1. Using your hands, wash each foot, going in between your toes and rub from sole to heal up to ankle. 3 times.

When defecating, it is good to wash yourself with water than using toilet paper, I use a mixture of both, cuts downs on infection and is more environmentally friendly with the toilet paper, you end up using less. I am sure many of your herd of someone suffering from a lack of toilet paper during the pandemic of COVID. While in the pharmacy, a stranger and I were in fits of laughter with witnessing some customers in utter horror with the lack of tissue and the lack of problem solving initiatives of going back to old school with water and rags. I did not suffer during COVID in a way the western world did, I was among the homeless that were saved with some COMMON SENSE! So coming back into Generation Z Civilization is hard for me to see the amount of waste and greed there is and how sensitive you might be to reality that hasn’t even gotten ‘real’ for you yet. I am annoyed with this new campaign of MENTAL HEALTH. Go and do some physical labour i’m sure you will learn how to behave and be mindful to OTHERS. Plus the ones going on a tirade with their Mental Health, I am pretty sure they are the cause of other people’s suffering.

I HAVE SEEN TOO MUCH ON THE OTHER SIDE OF COVID TO CALL PEOPLE WEAK! GOOD LUCK WHEN THE NUCLEAR ATTACK HAPPENS. Real estate has already been bought on Mars and the Moon. Only a matter of time. The weak are hiding away with this ‘disease’ self-absorbing into the Digital Space. Just wait when it gets cut off, what happens to your Life sustainment then? Your poor attitude will not help you. The ones that were at the front keeping humanity alive are tired, burned out, in need of rest, security and sustainability. They are suffering from Mental Health more than you know but understand real life and just get on with it. As soon as you give your ‘Mental Disease’ ‘Power’ over you, you are never going to win.

This is why I like Islamic Prayer, because it is ruthless, it shows you the right way to submit and show yourself some respect. Submitting to Allah is submitting to the Self. The way you need to be strong, clear of thought and pure of heart, takes dedication to show you what is important in life. You learn you cannot pray for yourself first unless it is for forgiveness, and you will always find it, for GOD IS LOVE. Pray for others first, you do not know how much a good word can mean in their life. Once you are done, get back up on your feet, and MOVE ON.

Muslims especially the older generations, do not understand in Mental Health in the same way as the Western world, so explaining this concept to an arab they will just think that the person is just suffering from a Jinn Possession. The funny thing is, many communities that believe mental health to be part of demonology tend to be more supportive towards the sufferer and those in western society who tend to be ostracized and socially isolate them. Studies have been done to show typical ‘schizophrenics’ in developing countries, will have rituals performed on them to cleansed from possession have people around them, feeding them with food, supporting them with comfort of having physical bodies around them not to be left alone staring at walls, are forced to engage. These studies have seen that these sufferers overcame their schizophrenia genuinely not to have a negative episode again.

Those suffering from mental health are aware of the stigma of mental health and are afraid  of rejection or to be labelled. The feelings influence their actions of secrecy. They will not tell friends or family they are in hospital to protect themselves from being labeled. I have been very open about my visits, leaving others feeling awkward. I do this to show the the state of humanity. DISGUSTING! IT IS A STEP TOO FAR FOR SOMEONE TO END UP LOSING THEIR SELF FOR OTHERS. NOT RIGHT! NOT WORTH IT!

Patients do not feel that awareness of mental illness will help the stigma. Psychiatric patients receive less support from family and friends and were usually given practical gifts than luxury gifts. Unfortunately these patients more time in hospital than medical patients do but tend to receive less cards to wish them well.


We all have different capabilities to cope. The formulation of what ‘disorder’ you have needs to consider the meaning of the event to the person and what made the event stressful.

Learn how to deal with stress so it doesn’t affect your Mind. The masses have become Zombies Leeches. But what happens when the tit runs dry from all the milk sucking, hungry babies cry. You need to learn how to self-sustain and most importantly be your own best friend.


Have you ever heard of Burnout? There is no turning back once you have suffered this, I have had 3 burnouts, I can never return back to work life or the office again. So be careful with the health of your Mind. Do not think that the medicine or therapy you are receiving is meant to cure you to carry on burning the candle stick from both ends. Doesn’t work that way. All I can suggest is ….

Seriously guys, calm the fuck down!

This is why I mentioned Islamic Prayer. You have 5 times in a day to take a pause and rest. Think about yourself and rejuvenate. I recommend you to try this. It has nothing to do with becoming a Muslim, we are all scientists on this planet, just an experiment to see how you might feel.

Taster Course: The PRAYERS – Fajir (Dawn) Thahor(Day) Asar(Afternoon) Magrab (Twilight) Asha (Night)

Islamic Prayers do have specific times of when the prayer can be performed provided by Mecca, but to just give you some idea of the time of prayer that must be performed helps break up the day in a way that becomes manageable with the things that are going on in your life. Relieves stress.

Fajir (Dawn) I find beautiful and look forward to, you get to watch the sunrise after. What a great way to start your morning. Cleansing with Wathdor, then prayer. You are ready for the day ahead.

Thahor(Day) Think of this as an elevenize break, should remind you to eat something too. Will help fuel you and carry you into the next part of the day. We all know the 9am rush of work can always be brutal, so a morning break is always greatly needed.

Asar(Afternoon) This is a special prayer for me, as it has a beautiful meaning. Muslims try to pray this one on time, as it is when the Morning Angels go back up and the Evening Angels come down to carry on their recordings of your you and your life. Praying Asar on time gives for good reports from the Angels, because when Allah asks the Morning Angels, How did you leave my being during the shift switch over, the Angel would reply, praying to you Allah, Mashallah!

Maghreb (Twilight) A good prayer to help you wind-down, as you are now entering the evening part of the day. Change of habits and in need of difference sense of relief. Another marker for you to pay attention to eat another meal, especially if you missed a few in the day time. ENERGIZE.

Asha (Night) A prayer to do before you go bed, a time for Mindfulness and Reflection of the day that has passed, preparation for the next day ahead. There is always a tomorrow.

You will become hooked on wanting to take time out to pray. It will make you selfware to know there is no one more important than you. Especially when you suffer from anxiety and triggers, these markers of the day are good times to strive for to go and ground yourself. Mental Health is personal and stay secret if you want to, just remember Allah was always there and is here. So Only He knows more than anyone else and will know how to cure you through helping the self. So protect yourself and your needs, if you have to use time of pray as a means of escape do it. Just remember do not hurt yourself, or others, through tongue or thought. Negative minds out there this is warning, do not use prayer as a means to invoke hate, it is you going to feel the pinch not them.


You are open to learn, to listen and to build your understanding of what you already know.

How does one expect to evolve and become the best they can be, if you feel you have already reached their destination. Once you reach a milestone, you do feel you want to go to the next one. If you met all the milestones you set out for yourself, well time to build obelisks.

Sometimes when we become so fixed on knowing everything you loose sight on what is really important in understanding. Usually it is not what is known by how you use the knowledge and apply it to your life for a positive and peaceful relationship with your external environment.

Within Social Constructs, understanding the complexity of life of surviving on this place called Earth. It is important to highlight that all Humans are raised differently, which makes them feel that they are alien to each other.  Once you see what it takes for a Human to survive the social groups become a lot bigger. More similarities are seen than differences, and the differences that do appear is honoring the self and individuality.

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