Take care of the health of your Mind….. I.e your thoughts, emotions and attachments.

In modern times, we do not accept Freudian Concepts nor do we ‘Psychoanalysis’ and it has been found that this application does create ‘Psychos’ Do not touch someone’s mind.

There is an universal acceptance of understanding that emotions are a learned behaviour. People make their own attachments to emotions and feelings. Do not try and apply Freudian ideas to modern day emotional attachments. SIGMUND FREUD AND PSYCHOANALYSIS IS OLD NEWS! This goes for Doctors applying this application too. Don’t do it, it just shows up your personal problems. The true scientific field laugh at Freud. His ideas come from his own mummy and daddy issues. Plus he was a undercover homosexual, alcoholic that did not know how to deal with his thoughts and understandings. Since Psychology wasn’t established as a true social science back in his day, people listen to him. There are many stories of his patients reporting him of raping them. Psychoanalysis is just an understanding of how Psychology came to be, not what it is.

In current times, with the emergence of technology and being able to Map the Brain, we take other approaches in Psychology, by understanding perception and awareness. We have established that our brains function more like computational operational system. This is important to KNOW. I will not go in too deep about Psychoanalysis, but it is wrong. CBT – I.e Cognitive Behaviour Therapy should be taken with caution. A good psychiatrist undertaking this method to treat their patients, will need to understand where you come from, i.e your past but then will teach you learned behaviours for you to go against the anti. A great Psychiatrist of mine who was a Woah(Man)! Taught me something important within my CBT treatment when i disclosed to her my horrific past with my Mother.

She said, If you have a house that has burned down, walls and floors have been charred the roof fallen through. What are you going to do? Redecorate and still live in the same house, knowing that the foundation it was built on is weak? I didn’t know how to answer, so she gave me the answer.. a resounding NO! For Health and Safety Sake, never decorate a burned down house. YOU BULLDOZE THAT FUCKER DOWN AND REBUILD! No point trying to make a dead thing look pretty, its gone beyond repair. So move on, take control of your life, choose what you want to decorate that new house you are building. Make sure the foundation is solid first. Take care with what is important to make this dwelling liveable and contribute to your positivity and well being.

Software coders only know this analogy to well. If you break the build what happens? Things crash!

I see through you mate, don’t psychoanalysis me to understand where i come from, I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! I’ll tell you, give me a question and I will give you a truthful answer, not my problem you can’t take it.

I had some pretty cool Professors in my Unidaze, when it came to psychology, why? They made sure that we took the ancient stuff with a pinch of salt. NEUROSCIENCE IS KING! With Neural Circuits we bite back with Bytes. This is Science, do not objectify or over analysis every emotion or attachment. Sexual Feelings have been projected on to people because they feel that this needs to be understood. It doesn’t. This is why I like the arabs, don’t talk about it freely, it should not be a subject of discussion. It is Freudian understanding of the emotional attachments of the mother and father that has evoked a lot of angst against people wanting to get their mind better! I SAY TO YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE STUPID THEORIES! It makes me physically sick of people wanting to explore this concept, because it is not okay.

The best way to cut and shut this subject down is that WE ARE BORN ALONE IN THIS WORLD AND WE DIE ALONE WHEN WE LEAVE. YOU HAVE A MOTHER, YOU HAVE A FATHER, YOU ALSO HAVE AN BROTHER AND SISTER, AN UNCLE, AN AUNT. GRANDFATHER AND GRANDMOTHER. These are job titles of every individual. These assignments have personalities assigned to themselves. The human member roles, have responsibilities of providing one with wisdom, guidance, security and and safety. A clever doctor once told me you can make your own family, it doesn’t have to be the biological one you came from. Take this thought as it is comforting. Because while you are born alone, you are never alone in this world. Be respectful to one another, you never know what the other person is going through, so don’t project or assume.

Ending comments – In my opinion, I do not feel it is healthy to apply Freudian concepts and approaches of psychoanalysis in this new era of modern human kingdom. It is archaic and wrong. We are living in a time where our best friend is Alexa and all we have to do is Ask Google… So better to adopt computational understand of the human mind… Bejos! xoxo

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