For people by people

 Empowering countries to secure an equitable share in the economic world. To build the social, economic and environmental countries that are still developing and require an extra bit of capital, resource and knowledge to pave their way to the future through technology education.

1LOVE wants to help to change people’s lives by increasing a positive working standard through education and technology.

1LOVE has the platform to give you an opportunity to suit and boot up and make big impact in social reasonability. Providing those in need with the best knowledge to improve their quality of life and others.

Wisdom has no face and has no color and neither does Money

1LOVE aspires to change the conditioned perspective of the word charity and what it represents by creating working relationship between people and environment.

Controlled sustained growth in the spirit of excellence

1Love not-for-profit organization, an educational program and conference opportunity for People to set up a real life example business for investment whether it being an actual business or learning how to market yourself , for example consultant. Instead of reaching out to business individuals for investment, they will come to you in a bazaar like semination built by Us. – 1LOVETECH.

This is a tour in local states/cities where each program will be put together relevant to the country it is being hosted in.

The focus of this program is to get to know people and not solve the countries problems.

Understand the issues that the people face and be able to make a difference in their lives through seeing real life problems firsthand. 

Giving a standardized platform and gateway for the people to get their point across and to utilize it as a resource to better themselves.

The conference format network is enabling dignity to those that have lost something and are stepping up to the challenge in making a difference in their lives, being able to give back to a local community is there way of their social responsibility.

It is a opportunity to remove the wall of misconception and create a gateway for a newfound friend.

One of my challenges in starting a company was due to my lack of drive in generating a profit due to high ethical values deeply rooted in me. Which gave me the idea to create 1Love a non-profit organization, a driver for those that are doers. 

It is an educational platform to allow for mutual exchange to engage with trade

This framework allows to tackle social issues within industrial organizations by creating a better order of distribution at multiple levels.

Different types of frameworks to be able to tackle these new social responsibility issues have risen.

It is just a matter of creating the right framework to target the right issue and to be able to sub-branch and tackle niches with tangible assets.

1love changing the conditioned perception of the word charity and what it represents

This should be the new working relationship between people and environment and the utilization of resources.

What can you do for you country and what can your country do for you?

1Love goal is to standardize social conduct of business in today’s Glocal Society. We want to go back to the future in order to build regenerative economies.

We need a real paradigm shift from aid short-term crisis thinking to sustainable development.

Furthermore,  1LOVE wants to work on a different model where it enables the people with what they want to achieve. Without BEGGING. We live in a time where Human Right Authorities that have made it ILLEGAL to beg. One should not have to BEG. 1LOVE is an educational platform to rehabilitating your DIGNITY back. 1LOVE ASSURES the Investees will be transformed into the NEW AGE BUSINESS(WO)/MAN, while protecting your individuality! NO COOKIE CUTTING PEOPLE IN THE 1LOVE PLATFORM.


It has been seen that 95% of aid never reaches beneficiaries.

We have lost touch from the natural world and will continue losing this grasp as we transition to the digital world.


While 1LOVE biggest drive will be its online presence by standardising the quality of assurance, the new type of insurance of the digital age. our main focus is to work with and create something that is tangible i.e People and Assets.

The 1LOVE project gives the assurance of decent exposure of an individual’s image and our own through hashtags through social platforms (wherever your digital identity is strongest )

Everyone wants to be seen doing good – so we are giving you that opportunity to do good. 1LOVETECH DRIVEN BY PEOPLE.

In order for this to be achieved, a setting must be established where our attention can be focused dominantly on the cause and foster an environment to develop our understanding of the culture of the country we are being hosted in, and  have an opportunity to be seen actually giving back by supporting the national and local infrastructure.

Having real life experience in negotiating in a difficult situations to learn and understand language barriers. With knowledge provided and the experience of the simulation 1LOVE provides WILL allow for clean common goals to be reached, through breaking down some of those barriers. 1LOVE IS GLOCAL!